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Born and raised in rural Virginia I gypsyed my way to Wyoming in 2015. I have always been a hunter, conservationist, and animal lover. I care deeply about whole animal butchery and use. I hunt to eat, and needed to find a way to use the feathers and hide from my adventures. I made my first Plume in 2017. The initial prototype has transformed and taken many shapes since.


All of the feathers and leather that go into these handcrafted products come from my hunting experiences, local farms, and dear friends. Due to the nature of this sustainably sourced, wearable artwork, feathers are like fingerprints and no piece will ever be exactly the same. I only use what I have on hand and I love this unique aspect of this creative work, I hope you do too.


Hunted, Harvested, and Handcrafted with Gratitude,


Haley Fitzgerald



My mission is to create one-of-a-kind wearable art made from sustainably sourced materials that are hunted, harvested, and handcrafted for the purpose of whole-animal use.


My vision is for each piece to act as a physical demonstration of your values. These pieces represent transparency, sustainability, and quality that goes beyond just dress and expression. I want to inspire you to purchase and consume with the intention of creating a better tomorrow. 



In addition to needing natural resources, it is a part of the human experience to want social and economic resources. With the desire to cause the least amount of impact on our shared lands, I have a hand in every part of the process of creating these products from hunting, to curing and tanning, to selecting all of the additional materials that I use to construct these one of a kind pieces. I work to balance the needs of the consumer experience without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. 


By supporting Spruced Plume you are supporting a creative, mission-driven, female-owned small business that works to conserve and limit the impact on our land and resources.

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